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Sales Contact Details:

Gavin El Samrani

Tel : 011 421-6605/1923

Fax: 011 845-2287

Cell: 078 459 4809

Email: gavin@samclutch.co.za

Accounts/Admin Contact Details:

Claudette El Samrani

Tel : 011 421-6605/1923

Fax: 011 845-2287

Email: accounts@samclutch.co.za

All quality clutch products supplied by SAM CLUTCH are covered by a warranty that is limited to defective and/or poor workmanship.
The warranty terms are as follows:
6 Months or 50 000km*
*Note-whichever arises first
The following should also be observed:
• SAM CLUTCH units are supplied ready for installation and NO adjustments are necessary.
Any adjustments whatsoever to the clutch assembly will invalidate the warranty.
• The SAM CLUTCH warranty covers the replacement of defective clutch parts, excluding fair wear and tear, incorrect product application and consequential damage. SAM CLUTCH will not be liable for any labour costs.
• The cover assembly, driven plate and release bearings must be returned in the condition they were removed from the vehicle in order for SAM CLUTCH to evaluate the warranty claim. Without the above, the claim will not be processed.
• The claimant is liable for all transport costs related to the warranty claim, including the return of the rejected units.
In order to guarantee a satisfactory and professional clutch installation, it is important to note the following:
1. Before removing the old clutch assembly, check that the hydraulic release system or mechanical (cable or rods) release system is in correct working order.
replace any warn parts.
2. Clean and inspect all parts before fitment. Use the correct tools or the job. Ensure there is enough clearance under the vehicle and use only stable equipment.
3. Ensure the flywheels are in good condition and free of cracks, heat damage and scoring. Machine to within original specification.
4. Make sure there is no oil or other fluid leaks from either the engine or the gearbox. Check for oil leaks on the gearbox input shaft and rear main bearing oil seals on the engine.
5. Replace the pilot bush or bearings in the flywheel.
6. Check release system for wear or damage and replace if necessary.
7. Clean off old dirty grease and ensure bearings move freely on the input shaft sleeve. Do not over-grease as excess grease can spin out onto the driven plate linings and cause the clutch to slip. Only use a good quality grease.
8. Grease the splined hub of the driven plate correctly and check the driven plate travel on the input shaft of the gearbox. Make sure it moves freely. Do not over grease as excess grease can spin out onto the driven plate linings and cause the clutch to slip. Only use a good quality grease.
9. Centralise the driven plate with an alignment tool or spare gearbox input shaft and tighten the cover assembly bolts in the correct crosswise sequence.
10. Ensure the bellhousing is free, if it burns and that both mating surfaces are clean before reassembly.
11. Do not let the gearbox “hang” on the clutch assembly. If the gearbox does not “slide home” easily, do not force it by rotating vigorously. Retract the gearbox, rotate it slightly and try again.
12. Adjust the clutch pedal free play and test-drive the vehicle. Re-adjust the clutch release system if necessary.